Ruheene Masand Jaura

Hello and welcome to my sample portfolio page!

I'm Ruheene, a Digital Marketing Lead with 10+ years of experience in Marketing Leadership, Paid Advertising, and Product Marketing- having recently worked with 31 startups in the past 3 years & taken a bagel shop franchise from the brink of foreclosure to boosting their revenue up to $86K per month within 60 days.

Other projects include:

  • promoting an in-house AI content generation app (AiGen) that uses GPT to support marketing agencies using the Go HighLevel CRM and marketing platform,

  • designing an app (GHL-X) to connect Go HighLevel with ManyChat (a social media chatbot builder) without the need for Zapier in between, and

  • launching a brand new GPT-based Gmail extension (Utterly) to generate quick but meaningful email replies in seconds (we’re currently working through the approval process for it with Google).

Things my team and I help small-to-medium businesses with:

Custom App Access to AiGen, the AI content generator for marketing agencies

Utterly: Info & waitlist page for our Gmail extension

App store listing on ManyChat: GHL-X automatically brings leads from social media to our CRM & marketing platform via automated chatbots

CRM Training Library: 3 training modules with a total of 100+ video tutorials for Buttr CRM

Marketing tool

'THE BOT GIRL' Brand page with written content

Medium article link: what a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is, and why every-sized business needs one